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PRECISION developed a unique concept as Mobile Workstation to dismount direct mounted bearings without any damage or scoring to the bearing bore or shaft seating, with minimal force. This equipment is specially designed to inject oil under high pressure between the bearing bore and shaft seating, enabling the bearing to be pulled out floating on thin film of oil.

Available in three Models :
Model 'BWT-100' (for bearing size 22320 fitted on ICF/MG axles)
Model 'BWT-130' (for bearing size 22326 fitted on ICF/BG axles) &
Model 'BWT-140' (for bearing size 22328 fitted on EMU axles).

Over the years, PRECISION Hydraulic Bearing Extractor with Mobile Workstation has become a standard equipment with the Indian Railways for dismounting of direct mounted Spherical Roller Bearing fitted on the Axles of ICF coaches and EMUs.

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